BiomimicrySwarm Australia is a collective seeking to create a buzz about biomimicry’s potential to inspire innovation by asking, “how would nature do that?”

We humbly seek to better understand the organisms that call Australia home, with whom our survival is intertwined and interdependent, and to learn from them how to better adapt to life in this beautiful, challenging country.

Our aim is to attract, connect and inspire design professionals, academics, product designers, artists, students, teachers and anyone else interested in living gracefully on earth guided by the elegant survival strategies Nature has evolved over 3.8 billion years. We seek to generate dialogue, to spore collaborative projects and innovative research, and to encourage reconnection with Nature through networking events, presentations, and design workshops.

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BiomimicryswarmAustralia

Twitter: @biomimicryswarm

Biomimicry is the practice of drawing inspiration from nature’s forms, processes and interconnected systems to design regenerative sustainable solutions that create conditions conducive to life.

For more information on biomimicry see http://biomimicry.net


4 Responses to About

  1. Rex Williams says:

    I am unable to determine if this will become an email to you or if one is forced to use inane social media.
    Whatever the case, if email, you will know that I have been following Biomimicry in the US as a subscriber for years. I do notice that all your activities are in Melbourne.
    If this does not end up as an email and the format is somewhat confusing, then one will never know I even wrote to wish you well.
    But I do. It is a fascinating study, no doubt about it, worthy of greater support.

    • jtoner8 says:

      Thanks Rex – Much appreciated and Yes – at the moment we’re based in Melbourne but we have plans. We’re integrating development with growth as nature does – 2016 will be an exciting year for biomimicry in Australia with more regular updates on this site and our other social media – keep you antennae tuned!

  2. Phil says:

    Hello Biomimicry Australia!
    I am a teacher on the Gold Coast and I am working with a small group of Year 6 students who are currently researching Biomimicry as the focus of their Year 6 Exhibition. We would like to get in contact with an expert to ask questions so as to deepen our knowledge and understanding or the applications and development of Biomimicry. We would also love to get some ideas about how we can act or at least encourage others to take action. Can you please help us?
    Sincerely Mr B

    • jtoner8 says:

      G’day Mr B –
      Great to hear you’re sharing biomimicry with your students – it’s a great way to teach science, innovation and promote engagement with the natural world.
      I’m a Biomimicry Professional, Architect and Sustainability Consultant based in Melbourne and am trying to grow a National organisation. I’d be happy to be a resource if you can manage an online discussion. My email is jtoner8@gmail.com and mobile is 0412 561 571 if you want to discuss further. Thanks for reaching out.
      Jane Toner

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