Biomimicry Photo Challenge – part 1

Biomimicry looks to nature as mentor, model and measure to inspire innovative sustainable design solutions that create conditions conducive to all life on earth. Biomimicry celebrates the fact that all life is interconnected and interdependent, calling on us to respect and creatively emulate the wisdom of the 300 million or so species that have adapted to living on this planet over 3.8 billion years.

Throughout the Sustainable Living Festival, BiomimicrySwarm Australia is nurturing a BiomimicryPhoto Challenge to illustrate Life’s Principles, using Instagram,, Twitter (#biomimicryswarm) or post directly to our facebook page The hashtag for the challenge is #biomimic_lifesprinciples. Additional hashtags given below will identify which principle you are submitting for. The competition will run over the Sustainable Living Festival from 9th – 24th February.

Life’s Principles are the master set of strategies found in nature that create conditions conducive to life, they are:

  • Evolve to Survive                                                           #biomimic_evolve
  • Be Resource Efficient (materials & energy)               #biomimic_resource-eff
  • Be locally attuned and responsive                               #biomimic_locally
  • Integrate development with growth                            #biomimic_integrate
  • Use Life Friendly Chemistry                                         #biomimic_life-chemistry
  • Adapt to Changing Conditions                                       #biomimic_adapt

We are asking for images from nature and the built environment that best represent these concepts with a few words on why. The best images will be posted on our facebook page, biomimicryswarm Australia and our website By using the hashtags you are cool with us using your images which we will credit to you.

In reality, all of earth’s organisms integrate all Life’s Principles but we’ve tried to demonstrate the approach for this challenge by detailing the sub-principles for each of the deep principles and by providing some examples in our next post.

Happy Nature Snapping!

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